Conversation Skills Social Story Bundle

Conversation Skills Social Story Bundle

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This bundle of social stories for kids focuses on the theme of conversation and speech skills. The social stories included in this bundle are:

  1. Greeting Others
  2. Staying on Topic
  3. Starting a Conversation
  4. Think it, Don't Say it
  5. No Copying Others
  6. Lying
  7. Saying Goodbye
  8. Asking for Help
  9. Saying Sorry
  10. Name-Calling and Nicknames
  11. Interrupting Others
  12. Introducing Myself
  13. Being Polite
  14. Accepting No
  15. Accepting Criticism
  16. Making Eye Contact
  17. Ending a Conversation
  18. Asking Questions
  19. Eavesdropping
  20. Being a Good Listener
  21. Compliments
  22. Tattling vs. Telling
  23. Voice Volume
  24. Perspective Taking
  25. Answering the Phone
  26. When People Don't Respond
  27. Bragging
  28. Arguing
  29. Personal Space
  30. Telling Jokes
  31. Rumors and Gossip

      Like all social stories I write, full color photographs of real children are used instead of clipart. In my experience, full color photos are more relatable to autistic children, like my son, than clipart. Diverse children are included as much as possible so that every child feels represented. Written scripts are also given where needed to help provide the child with the language they need to be successful in the given social scenario.

      **This is a digital product that you can download immediately after purchase.**