Playtime Social Story Bundle
Playtime Social Story Bundle
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Playtime Social Story Bundle

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This bundle of social stories for kids focuses on the theme of playtime skills. The social stories included in this bundle are:

  1. Asking a Friend to Play
  2. Being a Good Sport
  3. Being Bossy
  4. Being Flexible While Playing
  5. Going on a Play Date
  6. Having a Play Date
  7. Indoor Recess
  8. It’s Time to Go
  9. Playing at the Playground
  10. Playing Board Games
  11. Playing Hide & Seek (available as a free preview here)
  12. Playing Red Light Green Light
  13. Playing Rock, Paper, Scissors
  14. Playing Simon Says
  15. Playing Tag
  16. Playing What Time is it Mr. Wolf?
  17. Recess
  18. Taking Turns
  19. When I’m Bored 
  20. When My Friend is Bossy

    Like all social stories I write, full color photographs of real children are used instead of clipart. In my experience, full color photos are more relatable to autistic children, like my son, than clipart. Diverse children are included as much as possible so that every child feels represented. Written scripts are also given where needed to help provide the child with the language they need to be successful in the given social scenario.

    **This is a digital product that you can download immediately after purchase.**

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Lynne B. (TPT review)

    These are very easy-to-read and understand social stories.

    Catie M. (TPT review)

    Great social stories!

    Diane L. (TPT review)

    These are great! I've ended up using these stories a lot in my elementary Social Skills classes (ASD). Often one of these topics (especially Indoor Recess and Being Bossy!) comes up the day I have a lesson already planned on something else. These are short enough and clear enough to enable me to sneak in a mini-lesson addressing the situation.

    Shonna Y. (TPT review)

    i've been searching for social stories for littles theses were super easy for them to follow