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Personal Space Social Skills Pack

Personal Space Social Skills Pack

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This social skill pack is designed to reinforce concepts of personal space with kids in a fun way, using bright colorful aliens to illustrate the differences between being a space invader (aka showing bad personal space) and being a friend who shows good personal space.

Here's what's included in this social skills pack:

  • Personal space "bubbles" poster that explains that people have an invisible bubble of personal space
  • Personal space invader checklist poster to help kids learn how to pick up on the clues that they might be invading someone's personal space
  • Personal space poster with the one arm length rule that is ideal for getting just the right amount of personal space
  • Personal space cue cards that kids can keep handy on a binder ring so that they can reference and/or practice what good personal space looks like
  • Personal space invader meter to help kids visually see and identify when they are standing too close, too far, or just right
  • Personal space invader sorting activity to help kids practice identifying the nonverbal cues from the checklist

**This is a digital product that you can download immediately after purchase.**

Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Jennifer T. (TPT review)

This is a colorful, engaging resource to help my clients understand personal space boundaries. Simple and to the point. I work with individuals with various unique needs. Thanks for a great resource.

David B. (TPT review)


Misty A. (TPT review)

Pretty basic and helpful

Michele H. (TPT review)

This is great

Melanie D. (TPT review)