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25 Calm Down Breathing Exercises for Kids

25 Calm Down Breathing Exercises for Kids

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When our kids get overwhelmed, we find ourselves saying, "Just breathe." But sometimes that's not enough.

This ebook will teach you and your child a variety of deep breathing techniques that can be done anywhere and anytime. No extra tools or props are required. Some techniques are discrete, while others encourage your child to engage their imagination to blast off like a rocket or draw a beautiful rainbow arching across the sky.

This book is intended to help children of all ages learn to do deep breathing.

This book features:

  • A basic three-step process for teaching kids how to do deep breathing
  • 25 different breathing exercises with step-by-step instructions
  • A list of visual deep breathing ideas and tools
  • Each breathing technique can be down anywhere and requires no extra tools or props (only one technique does)

**This is a digital product that you can download immediately after purchase.**